RRD Kite Clinic in Masirah Island with the PRO rider JERRIE VAN DE KOP

Come and join us in Masirah Island, this weekend, to meet the great pro rider Jerrie Van De Kop!

Watersports are a key attraction in Masirah Island, a paradise for kitesurfers, where there’s always wind, the lagoon is very shallow and the water is warm.

Definitely an ideal place to learn:

  • Intro to jumping, transitions and back rolls, riding toeside
  • Jumping and kitelooping
  • Mega loop
  • Intro to wavekiting using a wave board and gybing

Land-based simulation, on-the-water demos and group coaching to help each kitesurfer build on their current knowledge and skills in order to reach their goal.

All of the teaching uses the latest kitesurfing kites and boards from RRD (such as Passion and Juice).

The teaching mostly takes place on the superb flat-water, tidal lagoons. The wave teaching takes place in the mid-hide tide waves.


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