Our kitesurfing Lessons and Courses are organized in order they are easy to learn and to ensure fun and at the same time safety. For an excellent quality of kite lessons: we have only qualify instructors ; we follow the professional teaching methodology of IKO . we use of radio helmets and go-pro video clinic ; our students always wear a helmet and life jacket vest.

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It is time to get wet and feel the power of the wind gliding on the water. The Level 2  is designed to transfer the skills you practiced on land to the water.

Students learn to gain power and body drag with control both down and upwind, acquiring the skills that lay the foundation for a safe ride on the water.

Completing Level 2 students will be able to glide and to change directions and recover their boards. Graduates will be able to practice under supervision and be certified as a Kiteboarder Level 2. Students can then progress on to the next course to learn to ride independently and do a few tricks like the first jumps!

Prerequisites : Kiteboarder Level 1 certificate or an equivalent; able to swim.

Time to complete Level 2: 8 hours


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