Kitesurf Rental

Creativity Surfing Dubai has the best selection of RRD Kiteboarding Gear available in the market.  There are no restrictions on what’s available to rent. Rent any RRD Kite  or RRD Board we carry.

We know that shipping your gear can be expensive and a hassle. Take advantage of our selection of Kites and Boards available.

Windsurf Rental

Creativity Surfing Dubai  offers the largest selection of new boards and sails in the area. Our goal is to get you on gear you’re excited to ride.

We encourage gear swaps, and if you choose to buy a board from us, we’ll apply two days of your rental fee towards your purchase!


SUP Rental

All of our stand up rentals are conveniently located at our Main Office. Rentals for recreational use are on a first come, first served basis.

No reservations are accepted. You are welcome to call the SUP Center (800PADDLE) to confirm board availability. Boards may be held for up to 15 minutes to allow you time to get there.

GEAR FOR RENT Renting price Base
Kitesurf (Full Gears) 700 AED Daily
Kitesurf Boards 165 AED Hour
Kites 128 AED Hour
SUP  150 AED Hour
Windsurf (Full Gears)  350 AED Hour

Our beach side is not only terrific for all types of water sports but we offer other exciting adventurous sports as well. Take your family to the beach rent our gears and start enjoy the water.

What you have to bring with is the suncream fir the rest we are taking good care of you.