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Get close to the sea and its rules with the most simple means of sailing: the windsurf (minimum age 6 years).

Windsurfing is addiction, which is stronger than anything. It is pulling you to the sea, to explore the nature and to became one with it.

Mental Benefits
Burn Calories
Strengthen Core
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To be on warm, sunny place, sandy beaches around you and wind in your hair, it is just unforgettable! We want to show you how it is to live this dream, how is to discover new emotions and how powerful the force of the nature can be. No matter if you are a windsurfer or not, through the experiences, you will understand what are the secrets of the wind.

Our RRD Center Team is happy to introduce a new philosophy behind one of the most famous water-sport in the world.

“Don’t miss it”


Kids from 5 years on are welcome to join our kids windsurf course.

It is required that a kid can swim with a life jacket.

With the right technique of teaching and correct choice of equipment kids can improve fast and conquer the basics of windsurfing.